Junior Saturday Morning Training

2014-2015 Racing Season  

The Sailing Development Group of the Adelaide Sailing Club runs training for junior members on Saturdays from 9.00am to 12.00pm during the club season with a break over Christmas.

For non-members formal sailing courses are also available through the club.

Young beginners (7-12 years) are encouraged to do a Tackers course so they can learn some basic skills and gain water confidence.

Youth and Adult beginners are encouraged to do a Start sailing course so they can learn some basic skills and gain confidence.



All juniors participating in the SDG training program must be members of the Adelaide Sailing Club. Junior non-members wishing to try sailing may access three sessions before they are required to join the club.

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Junior Classes   (Optimist Open Bic Etc.)

  1. Arrive at 8.30am to rig boats and get changed.

  2. 9.00am briefing.
  3. Hit the water at 9.30am until 11.00am. (approximately)
  4. Green fleet racing starts at 1.00pm.  (check the Whiteboard under the balcony).

Youth Classes  (420's, Cadets, Lasers and Pacers)Arrive at 9.30am to rig boats and get changed.

  1. Hit the water at 10.15am and sail out to meet the coaches on  water.
  2. Return to shore at 11.30 for debriefing.


To maximise on-water time and avoid delaying coaches and other juniors, all participants are requested to be rigged, changed and ready to go to sea at 9.00am sharp

for Junior classes and 10.15am for youth classes.


The program seeks to first develop juniors’ ability to safely manage a yacht in light to moderate conditions [basic skills] & then further extend their racing skills [better sailing].

Training occurs in juniors’ own boats or the club’s fleet of Pacers and Opti's (lease Boats Available) All junior and youth classes are welcome with fleets of    International Cadets, , International 420s, Pacers, Catamarans, Lasers, Open BICs and the International Optimist .


Basic Skills Taught by Sailing Development Group

Training is based on YA’s ‘Get into Small Boat Sailing’ coaching guide & includes,

YA Skills Report - Basic Skills 1

1.            Rigging with assistance

2.            Ropework

3.            Sailing techniques and manoeuvres

4.            Crewing/helming under sail power

5.            Rescue procedures and drills

6.            Launching and recovery

7.            Sailing theory and background

8.            Observation of basic rules

9.            Avoiding collisions

10.        Wind, tides and currents


YA Skills Report - Basic Skills 2

1.            Boat rigged independently

2.            Ropework

3.            Sailing techniques and manoeuvres

4.            Crewing/helming round a course

5.            Tacking the boat

6.            Gybing the boat

7.            Capsize recovery

8.            Crew recovery

9.            Care of equipment on and off water

10.        Bring a boat alongside a fixed object

11.        Sailing theory and background

12.        Essential rules

13.        Meteorology


Club Racing

Generally all juniors should progress to racing in events when they successfully pass a ‘basic skills’ assessment. For details please see your coach.

For children under 8-years of age please note the club’s ‘Sailing Instructions’ in regard to age/competency requirements for juniors competing in club events.


Getting Started

If you haven’t sailed before and would like to try it new juniors are always welcome on Saturday mornings. Contact the the club office for more information.

 Click here to email the 

1.            A wetsuit ideally, otherwise shorts & a couple of warm jumpers will do.

2.            An approved PFD if you have one. PFDs can be hired from the club for $5.00.

3.            A hat & waterproof sunscreen

4.            Sunglasses

5.            A towel & change of clothes

6.            Sandshoes to wear in the boat

Juniors should be able to demonstrate competence & confidence in the water whilst wearing a PFD.


The club is a fairly open venue. Please secure your valuables and do not leave them in change rooms.

Responsibilities of Guardians

To assist in conduct of training guardians are requested to,

1.            Complete an enrolment form on commencement in the program.

2.            Remain at the club in case their child requires assistance.

3.            Be responsible for their child when they are not being coached.

4.            Check their child is suitably dressed [including sunscreen].

5.            Ensure their child is properly wearing an approved PFD.

6.            Ensure their child registers for each training session.

7.            Ensure their child complies with any Adelaide Sailing Club by-laws.




Juniors crews are often in demand for club, state, national & even international events. Juniors [experienced or novice] wanting to crew should let a coach or the training coordinator know, so introductions can be made.


To maximise on-water time and avoid delaying coaches and other juniors, all participants are requested to be rigged, changed and ready to go to sea at 9.00am sharp

for Junior classes and 10.15am for youth classes.


By its nature, sailing can be dangerous and every effort is taken by the club to ensure the safety of juniors. Juniors & their guardians are requested to follow some simple rules.

1.            Juniors must register before putting to sea & ‘sign off’ on return.

2.            Juniors must wear an approved PFD whenever on the water.

3.            Juniors must wear protective headwear if instructed.

4.            Juniors may not put to sea until so instructed.

5.            Juniors must return to the beach immediately when instructed to do so.

6.            Juniors & guardians must attend any briefings.

7.            Juniors must comply with any direction from a coach.



Accredited coaches provide junior training and parents are encouraged to assist. Sailing knowledge isn’t required, as many tasks need only a willingness to be involved.

Parents are also welcome to join the Sailing Development Group to assist in coordinating junior training. Meetings are held at 7.00pm on the 1st Wednesday of each month at the club.



For any queries please contact the club office on [08] 8294 3232.

Sailing Development Coaching Sat 31st October 2015.     Medical Consent Form must be returned