Club Charter


1.      Vision Statement

The Adelaide Sailing Club through its members, facilities, and on and off-shore activities, is World Class, creating a new standard in club fellowship and sporting endeavour.  Its reputation amongst the global sailing community will position the club as a 'must visit' venue, a leader in conducting sailing events for all classes of boats.

2.       Our Values

A club for its members

The club is first and foremost for the use of its members and their use of the facilities for the purpose of sailing and social interaction.

Aim: To be the best

We must aim to be the best, setting a new sailing club standard for social fellowship, clubhouse and boating facilities, and event management amongst the broader sailing community.


The friendly club

The club will remain approachable, being a club for all, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for individuals and families from all walks of life sharing a common love of sailing.


A Safe Club
Personal safety and safety of fellow members, visitors and the public is a priority. Health and safety are considered in all club activities on and off the water in minimising the riskt to participants, officials and the public. 
Nurture the young

We will commit considerable resources to nurturing the young, encouraging sail training, competition and club participation for the growth and the pursuit of sailing generally.


Protect the assets and plan for the future

The club's elected management must protect the assets and viability of the club, and build a secure financial future for the club; minimising risks and working towards the replacement of assets and funding for increased growth


Affordable for all members

A balance must be achieved between the fiscal responsibility and providing an affordable club (when compared with competing sailing clubs) for the enjoyment of all members.


Protect the Environment

The club and its visitors must assume a caretaker role in protection of the environs of the clubhouse, facilities and beach.


Encourage members to give something back to the club

The generosity, wealth of talent, and diverse skills of members needs to be fostered; and continually acknowledged to maintain a vibrant and motivated club for the benefit of all.


Healthy relationship

We will promote and maintain a healthy relationship with our neighbours, suppliers and external stakeholders for the benefit of the community and future of the club.