Adelaide Sailing Club Inc. 

Club By-laws 


1. Membership 
1.1. Your Club membership is valid upon receipt of your annual Membership 
Subscription, payable in advance from 1st April and the Board may, at its 
discretion, apply a discount to Membership Subscriptions paid from that date 
and before 31 July. 
1.2. Members are requested to have their Membership Card readily available 
whilst at the Club. 

2. Conduct and Dress Standards 
2.1. Members and their visitors will at all times comply with those standards of 
conduct and dress as specified by the Committee. Those failing to comply 
may be asked to leave the premises immediately by Management or members 
of the Committee. Members are responsible for the conduct and dress 
standards of their visitors. 
2.2. Neat casual dress and footwear must be worn at all times in the upper deck 
area of the Clubhouse (including balcony). 
• Tank Tops and/or singlets are not permitted in the upper deck area of the 
Clubhouse (including balcony). 
• Headwear is not to be worn in the Members’ Lounge. 
• Sailing apparel or equipment is not permitted (either stored, worn or carried) 
in the upper deck area of the Clubhouse. These items are only permitted in the 
lower deck areas. 
• Sailors must rinse themselves of excess sand or seaweed before entering the 
lower deck areas. 
• The washing of wet suits in the change-room showers is STRICTLY 
 2.3 Parents/guardians should provide adequate supervision of their children so as 
to ensure that their safety and proper conduct is maintained at all times. 
 2.4 No pets are permitted in the Club buildings. Owners must “clean up” after 
their pets and maintain effective control of them at all times. Guide Dogs 
under the control of their owner shall have access to the Clubhouse. 
 2.5 Smoking is not permitted inside Club buildings. 
 2.6 Disabled personnel shall have priority use of disabled facilities in the 
Clubhouse, however these facilities (except parking) are available to others if 
 2.7 Offensive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated. Members and 
visitors must obey any reasonable request made by Management or members 
of the Committee. Management reserves the right to refuse entry. 
As approved by General Committee 1 Sept. 1998 and amended at Board Meeting 22 August 2006. 

3. Sailing 
3.1 Competing sailors are expected to be familiar with the requirements of the 
Sailing Instructions and follow them as required at all times. They must obey 
any reasonable request made by Flag Officers, members of the Sailing 
Committee or Rescue Boat crews. 
 3.2 Admission to the Club Tower and Boat Shed is restricted to Authorised 
Personnel Only. Permission for non-authorised personnel to enter these areas 
is required from a Flag Officer. 
 3.3 Boats/trailers are not permitted to be parked in the Boat Park without the 
permission of the Club Manager and payment of the relevant fees. 
 3.4 Permanent boat storage in the Hardstand Compound will be allocated by the 
Sailing Committee (or its delegate) and accounts for the period of storage will 
be furnished by the Club Manager. 

4. The Bar 
4.1 The Bar facilities operate under the Liquor Licensing Laws of South 
 4.2 No person under the age of 18 years shall be served liquor. 
 4.3 Liquor shall not be consumed or stored in the change rooms or boat shed 
unless authorised by the Committee. 

5. Vehicles 
5.1 Parking of vehicles (including trailers) is permitted in designated areas only. 
Parking spaces as defined shall be reserved. 
 5.2 Posted speed limits shall be adhered to at all times.