Australian Youth Championships 2017

“Adelaide Sailing Club is very proud to have been selected to host the 2017 Australian Youth Championships. We’re ideally suited to major championships as we have a large grassed rigging area, we have safe launching areas and an on-site chandlery. Once launched we have wide open uninterrupted waters with largely on shore breezes.

Held annually and open to athletes aged under 19, the Australian Youth Championships is a selection regatta to secure a place on the Australian Youth Sailing Team. The 2017 Australian Youth Championships is one of two qualifying regattas, alongside the various Class Championships, that will constitute selection for next year’s team. In July 2017, the Youth Sailing World Championship will be held in Israel.

   Sponsorship Opportunities

We are approaching sponsorship through a process of collaboration with potential sponsors. A range of sponsorship options are available and are structured along gold, silver and bronze style packages. As an example, a bronze package will take the form of a day sponsor to the value of $1000 in cash or in-kind. Silver and gold packages will be discussed in detail with potential sponsors. Please note that the club receives very little by the way of support from the government or councils and is reliant upon its dedicated volunteers, members and the generous support of from sponsors.