Board of Management member Neville Wilde addresses members concerns.


Last Saturday after sailing Neville Wilde addressed members on behalf of the Board, for those that missed it he spoke about the following:

  • The Board is concerned about rumors suggesting that ASC is going to close at the end of March.
  • He pointed out that this is not true - ASC is here to stay any changes in commercial operations after March are a reflection on seasonal changes, not the club closing forever.
  • Their has been no change in Board direction since the meeting with members 12 weeks ago.
  • The board is investigating options for the commercial operations, we have made some progress and are awaiting on some financial information and professional advice to assist us in making a decision.
  • Our current lease ends in 2018 we are currently having discussions with Adelaide Shores about starting early lease renewal negotiations.
  • We are continually looking for and implementing cost saving measures throughout the operation.

The Good News

  • Our sailing operation is the best available along the coast, we have one of best  Race Management teams available and our facilities are second to none.
  • The Laser Nationals and Australian Youth Championships hosted by ASC were a huge success on and off the water and have provided a financial boost.
  • ASC has recently signed an agreement with the SA Sharpie Association to host the 2018/2019 National Titles.

We intend to keep members informed of our progress.

Darren McPherson


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