Information for this Saturday


Day 2 - Club Championship - Are you Financial?

Sailing Instructions

3.2 CLUB CHAMPIONSHIP 3.2.1 The helm and crew shall be financial sailing members for Club Championship races except under 3.2.4. 3.2.2 There shall be a minimum of 4 boats of a class/division starting in each of 5 club championship races to constitute a club championship series for the class/division. 3.2.3 Any race with less than 4 starters shall not constitute a Club Championship race. 3.2.4 A crew may sail a maximum of 2 club championship races in one season where he/she is not a financial sailing member providing the required fee as specified on the Notice Board is paid and the crew’s name has been recorded in the nomination.

Private Function

We have a wedding on the lawns at the southern end this Saturday at 3.00pm (weather Permitting). It would be appreciated if we could keep this area clear and be considerate to guests and the wedding party.

Your Club Membership – Can you help fix a mistake made?

Due to an invoicing error the early bird discount should have been a bonus credit of $25 added to your hospitality levy, not the $70 early bird discount (using Senior Sailing Member as an example) deducted from the total membership fee, leaving a $45 deficitper membership (same example) that was paid early.   

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