Yachting South Australia - Survey Sailing in South Australia

Yachting SA invites you to participate in a short 10 minute survey. We would like to hear from people currently involved in sailing as well as those who may no longer be participating.  Past or present involvement includes volunteers, officials, coaches, committee members and family support, as well as those actively sailing. 


We are interested in understanding what attracts people to sailing, what you enjoy about the sport, barriers to participation and your perception of the sailing culture. Your participation will assist us to develop strategies to attract individuals to sailing and to improve Yachting SA for both current and future members. 


Clubs, Classes and Associations are encouraged to post this link to their Facebook pages or other social media.  Please feel free to forward the survey to your own contacts and also to persons who may no longer be involved in the sport.


All responses will be anonymous, so please answer truthfully.  The link below will take you to the survey.  Thank you for your time.