A little bit of news

We’re over half way through the season and we’ve sent some prayers to the God of Wind and Weather for some perfect sailing conditions over the next couple of months. The wind blew for the 2015 Hansa Class SA State Championships at the end of January and that’s been it up until last weekend! The SA Melges 24 State Championships held a couple of weeks later experienced some very challenging conditions, and as for everyone else, February has been very calm and quiet! (Except for the Melges men in their underwear on weigh in night, our staff enjoyed the show! Next time to music please. Thank you Andrea for pointing out to the prospective wedding couple that the guys don’t come as part of the package! Fabulous!)

There’s action happening with the Fisher Peterson Tillett Regatta held last Sunday, and Adelaide Regatta over the 7th and 8th of March. We’re looking forward to lots of boats and people enjoying the club.

The staff team has grown with Devan Seamans coming on board as our new General Manager, and Jun Abe is busy in the kitchen as our Sous Chef.

Jun has a Japanese background coming to Adelaide 9 years ago when he trained to be a chef. He’s worked all aspects of the kitchen from fine dining, through pubs to us via Pure, the café in Glenelg. Jun’s a surfer and he’s sailed back in Japan but says he’s too busy now, cooking and looking after his very cute baby boy. We’ve got a new menu starting soon and Jun’s designed a couple of dishes to include alongside the yummy ones Amanda’s created.

Devan’s given me the scoop on himself:

Hello – My name is Devan Seamans, I am the new General Manager of the Adelaide Sailing Club. In the last week I have met many wonderful people, and am looking forward to making a positive impact on club operations.

I grew up in Calgary, Canada, growing up playing competitive ice hockey as a goalie. In the last year of my undergrad in business and entrepreneurship majoring in sport and recreation, I met my now wife Amanda, who was raised in Port Lincoln. Upon finishing my degree I moved to Australia, living in Port Lincoln for a couple years, and then moving to Adelaide for a couple years. While in Adelaide my wife and I both took the opportunity to complete our Masters, mine in Business Administration and hers in Audiology.

We then moved back to Calgary where we have been residing for the last four years. In Canada, I worked in a major sport and recreation facility (24,000 sq. meters) as the Executive Director.  While in Calgary we also welcomed our son Finley, who is now almost two. I am sure you will see Amanda and Finley around on evenings and weekends.

If you see someone without a tan and with an accent please come and introduce yourself. While I will mainly work business hours, I will be sure to have a periodic presence during key busy periods to see the club in action. Thank you to Nicci and Ben, who took me out on the boat Saturday morning to show me the ropes.

I welcome constructive feedback towards improving club operations, and look forward to meeting you!