Sharpies at Adelaide Sailing Club



On the last weekend in November, Adelaide S.C. welcomed the Sharpie class over the two days. Five heats were sailed in varied conditions but under race officers Mike, Mick and crew all five heats were completed to the satisfaction of all. They filled the lawn on the Saturday and were a great sight to see and on both days the spectating from the balcony was fabulous.

The dominant performance was by FOCUS sailed by Malcolm Higgins, Sam Sanderson and Andrew Chisholm who took out 4 of the 5 heats. They showed good boat speed but superior tactics and boat handling  took them to the front.  Sam McLeod and crew in WARPIG also sailed well to easily collect second,  and Chris Went  AREA CONSTRUCTION  and Peter Higgins MOE'S TAVERN also stood out across all races.

The middle order of the fleet was very tight with numerous position changes throughout and the tight reaches had the crews at full stretch.

With over 18 boats on the water, 54 sailors enjoyed the event. One of the reasons the Sharpie is a such a great club boat.

I hope you enjoy the pictures